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SOS Tutor chats with Mills, May and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra


Our very own legenderay tutor chatted with argualbly the most legendary techno producers of all time Jeff Mills and Derrick May.

The on-stage discussion happened prior to their Saturday night performance at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl alongside the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

The event was incredible and has hit music headlines around the world.



Check out some bits and reviews here:

Here's some of the areas of discussion between Shaun, Jeff and Derrick!:

Shaun opened with:

"Welcome to this special night in the history of music snd particularly the history of electronic music in Melbourne

It was at least 25 years ago that music by jeff mills and Derrick May could be heard around Melbourne. It sounded chaotic, dense, and most importantly had an overwhelming sense of freedom and excitement.

Fast forward to tonight and here we have a concert of their music that will talked about for many many years to come.

Please welcome to the stage.

Sarah Curro, 1st Violinist of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Sarah has performed with many orchestras around the world and is a ConcertMaster and Award Winner.

Jeff Mills aka the Wizard aka the Purpose Maker is a founding member of Underground Resistance, label owner of Axis records, music producer of countless classic tracks, film producer and soundtrack composer and one of the most respected and sought after Techno DJs in the world.

Derrick May aka the Innovator is a member of the Belleville Three, label owner of Transmat Records, music producer of some of the most influential tracks in history, revered dj in global demand, composer of video game soundtracks and dance festival curator.


And his first question was:


Jeff/Derek: You've both used orchestral sounds in your electronic tracks in examples such as Strings of Life and Amazon. Could you describe what inspired you to start working with orchestras.

> Jeff said that he had been planning on how to get to work with a live orchestra for 5 years before the opportunity properly presented itself. Derrick said he had always considered it something he would want to do.