New Advanced Ableton Live Course Has Launched!


This year SOS is proud to announce the launch of our new Advanced Ableton Live course. Delve into this powerhouse DAW and learn advanced warping techniques, Ableton’s new Track Comping feature, Max for Live, Push 2 along with advanced sampling and midi techniques.

Explore Ableton’s different warp modes and extract grooves, manage multiple takes using track comping, add expressions to your midi recordings with note and velocity chance, practice some creative automation techniques, sync external devices for live performance and recording applications, integrate modular hardware and explore Push 2 for Ableton all in this new course.

The new Advanced Ableton course will run once a week for four weeks amounting to a total of 12 hours worth of course content. Perfect class for those who have completed our Alive with Ableton Live course or students who are already comfortable in Live and are looking to step up their game and learn some advanced features and techniques.