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What's new in Logic Pro X 10.1 Update


Not to be left out of the party, Apple delivered a major update to Logic Pro X at NAMM 2015.

Logic Pro X 10.1 features several new features. Our Certified Logic Pro X tutor Davide Carbone has been busy using Logic Pro X for the last few days in his studios. Here’s his report:

This is a brilliant major update from the boys at Cupertino. Clearly Apple realises the importance of music and creativity within it’s corporate umbrella and have had the team working hard to introduce loads of new features. Here’s a complete list from Apple themselves:


My favourites include:

New compressor. Well the same compressor with updated GUI and new model including classic VCA. The metering is so much better, lovely VU meters and Input and Output Gain read outs.

You can now drag and drop your own audio files to create wavetables in Retro Synth and stack up to 8 voices. 

Drum Designer. Thanks to a bunch of new and much better sounds included for Ultrabeat Drum Designer is a new interface that easily enables you to create and edit your own drum sounds. Think Battery 4 vs Polyplex.

New Drummers. Logic’s greatest gimmick is also one of it’s more powerful features. It’s apparent distaste (auditioning drummers etc) means many of us stay away but do so at your peril. Dubstep, Trap, House, Techno et all are well represented here and full control over styles, dynamics, instrumentation, grooves etc etc make this completely unavoidable.

Plug In Manager. Now you can re-arrange and re-order all your plug ins exactly as you want them.

Brush Tool. Logic has always been the best at midi note drawing but brush tool now places it light years ahead of the other DAWs. Paint and erase your notes with one tool and lots of flexibility.

Collapse Mode in Piano Roll. Allows you to only see the notes you’ve programmed and also show Drum Names and Time Handles to time expand or compress notes. Amazing flexibility.

10 new classic Mellotron instruments, Real time fades across flex time, Smart Quantize, Region Based automation, Trim and Relative automation modes and VCA faders also feature.

The whole thing feels so much sturdier and dare I say it - snappier! Apple and the Logic Team have been working hard and this download is a must.

We’ll be using this update in Melbourne’s best Logic Pro X courses at School of Synthesis from here on in. Book now!