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Bryson Sandapa

Prior to beginning the ‘SOS Complete Program’ I had 3 months of music making under my belt. After completing the Complete Program my competence exponentially increased to the point that when I visit other studios I’m able to sit there and know exactly what they are doing and why. I went from not knowing what piano scales were to making and playing my own piano compositions thanks to Shaun Keyt at the Modern Music Theory and Arrangement course. Synthesizer? What's that? I had no clue until Davide Carbone at Sound Design brought me up to speed, now throw me any synth and I’ll be able to work my way around it. Davide was also able to clear the mental clouds mixing and mastering can bring, especially when trying to learn on YouTube. 6 sessions of the Production Masterclass would probably calculate to equal 2 years of YouTube vids. Lastly James Hewsons knowledge with Logic Pro X was beyond helpful, instead of 6 hours in the studio I can now do 3 and still get the same amount of work done; simply because I know the capabilities of all the tools in Logic and where to find them, plus all the shortcuts I now know. I think the ‘SOS Complete Program’ is a must for all aspiring producers who want to learn the ins and outs of every aspect producing has to offer.  
 (Bryson Sandapa)