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80's Synthwave Tutorial

School of Synthesis tutor and Native Instruments specialist Tristan Malloch teaches us how to make Synthwave in this excellent 10 minute video made with Ableton Live and Carbon Electra.

The Sound of Analogue Mastering

Join Davide Carbone on an analog mastering session where he passes a track through analog EQ, analog saturation and analog compression.

Scaler 2 Making An Entire Track

Watch Davide Carbone create all the harmonic and melodic content over an entire track using Scaler 2 to generate chords, variations, baselines, melody and lead line.

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Student Success Stories

Jordan Tobias

Jordan finished the School of Synthesis Complete Program and has quickly gone on to become a successful Trance and Progressive music producer with releases on Armada. Here he tells how School of Synthesis helped him on that journey.

Akosia Sabet

Akosia has written some great music as of late and is a very talented vocalist. We're happy she took the time to tell us about her latest musical exploits.

DJ Indiana

DJ Indiana has been a DJ on the Melbourne scene for a few years and after doing the Ableton Live course and Modern Music Theory course she is now creating her own tracks and doing remixes and mashups.