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Student Success Stories

Iain MacDonald

Iain is one half of successful music duo Stockholm Syndrome. Here he talks about his time at SOS and how his time at School of Synthesis has helped advance his art.

Thomson Phung

Thomson was one of our first Students to finish the Complete Program and now works in the music industry. His ability to write and produce modern Future Bass and Trap has created several opportunities for him as a music producer.

James Watts

James talks about how his studies at School of Synthesis has helped him get his first release on a US label. We love his tunes – he is a great producer and vocalist.

Sandra Sundelin

SOS Student Sandra Sundelin has studied several courses at School of Synthesis and here she discusses how her knowledge has helped her carve a career in the Melbourne music scene.

James Hewson

James Hewson began his studies at School of Synthesis in 2014 and has since gone on to become a successful full time Sound Designer and Music Producer in the music industry.

DJ Indiana

DJ Indiana has been a DJ on the Melbourne scene for a few years and after doing the Ableton Live course and Modern Music Theory course she is now creating her own tracks and doing remixes and mashups.


Sam Heywood

My only regret is that I did not do this course sooner. Within weeks I have gone from having a basic knowledge of keys to now being very confident in applying music theory to my productions.

Zac Galevski

I highly recommend SOS. It has left me with oodles of enthusiasm to learn more about music and become a

Claire Frost

The Ableton Live course was such a fantastic course. With such a knowledgeable and passionate tutor conveying his love for music, it made the learning fun and effective.

Umut Akcelik

For me, there were plenty of wow moments and it’s given me the confidence to write music with intent. Excited to finish some new tracks!

Amar Savani

The School of synthesis offers a bit more than others in terms of networking opportunities, access to audio equipment and a classroom environment of 8 or less students to give us an opportunity to be heard.

Tommy Everson

The courses helped me to fill in the gaps in my learning, giving me a fresh perspective of how to approach my music and improve my workflow. Highly recommended!

Sandra Sundelin

The tutors managed to teach everyone something new in our class with very different levels of music knowledge. I’ve learnt so much from these courses that I will be taking with me which I’m truly thankful for.

Ewan Smith

It helped me greatly to take something that was already in a piece, develop it, and expand it into something musically beautiful.

Anthony Michetti

I just completed the School of Synthesis Complete Program and it was the best money I have ever spent.

Kass King

I rated the Alive with Ableton Live course at the School of Synthesis 11 out of 10.

Chris Koustoulidis

I can say with great confidence that these guys are amazing people and tutors who helped teach me the fundamentals and techniques to producing and understanding how electronic music is made.

Andre Klein

I had a basic understanding of synthesis before enrolling in the sound design course at SOS, athough I wanted to be able to do more than just rely on using other people’s presets. Since then, I have been creating my own presets including 909 style kicks, techno pads, laser sounds, and some really cool sequences.

Indiana X

After the first lesson, I learned what I had been trying to learn from Youtube for many weeks, the weeks following were even more informative and made Ableton a lot more understandable and easy to navigate.

Graeme Nugent

Really loved the Making Music with Logic Pro course at the School of Synthesis. It’s the best thing I’ve done for my music. I understand logic a lot more from the courses than any tutorial. Thanks for everything.

Kara Spain

I liked how hands on the course was as we were able to get a feel of how the equipment works and how to use it when playing our own music. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who has an interest in djing and wants to learn how to on quality equipment.

Michael Mumford

I saw improvements in my mixes! Can’t recommend this highly enough for someone with a base-level understanding of digital music production and wants to feel more confident in making great music.

The School of Synthesis vision is to be recognized as one of the most innovative music training providers in Australia.

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