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Chord Inventions

The use of certain chord types such as triads and extended chords have become the staple of chord progressions. One way to expand this palette is to layer different chord types together and invent new chord types. This gives you greater control of the voicing and harmonic sound of your chord.

Mastering in 2020

Mastering seems to have come back into fashion. With the days of extreme loudness behind us and more of a movement towards dynamics how does mastering fit in to modern day productions? Do you need to master? Can you do it yourself? Davide Carbone discusses his approach to mastering in 2020.

Ableton Live vs Logic Pro X

The “which is better” comparison between Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) is discussed at length and is often inconclusive. Here our Ableton Certified Trainers and Apple Certified Pros in Logic discuss what they think are the strengths and weaknesses of each platform

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Student Success Stories

Akosia Sabet

Akosia has written some great music as of late and is a very talented vocalist. We're happy she took the time to tell us about her latest musical exploits.

DJ Indiana

DJ Indiana has been a DJ on the Melbourne scene for a few years and after doing the Ableton Live course and Modern Music Theory course she is now creating her own tracks and doing remixes and mashups.

James Watts

James talks about how his studies at School of Synthesis has helped him get his first release on a US label. We love his tunes - he is a great producer and vocalist.



Brilliant guys, now only if we didn’t have to buy them from Behringer! #roland #behringer #303 #808 #909 #2020

SOS tutors enjoy end of year dinner talking our favourite and strangest students whilst discussing everything music, healthy synthesis and love......of gear! All the best for 2020!