Lush Synth Pads on any Analog or Digital Synth in 5 simple steps


Here's a 5 step simple method on how to make lush synth pads on any synth. In this synth pads tutorial Davide Carbone demonstrates how easy it is to make a lush synth patch on the analog Korg Prologue and then replicates the same patch on Native Instruments Maschine. The techniques can be applied to any synth. In case you missed it. Here is the simple process
1. Set One Oscillator to a Saw wavetype
2. Set a second Oscillator to a Square or Pulse wavetype. Put this oscillator one octave (12 semitones) below Oscillator 1
3. Add a long attack and release in the amp envelope. Set them both to around 3 o'clock
4. Add a big reverb, or big chorus or an ensemble
5. Modulate the cutoff. Have it move 20% from around the 3 o'clock position at a fairly slow rate.
Experiment from there and you will be able to make a huge range of synth pads!