New Advanced Logic Pro X Course Has Launched!


This year at SOS we have now decided to offer an advanced Logic Pro X course that delves deeper into this powerful DAW. The course takes an in depth look into features such as Flex-Time, Smart-Tempo and Spatial Audio while also covering some advanced mixing, routing, midi and automation techniques.

Learn how to edit and time align recorded tracks and comps using VCA groups, extract grooves from existing audio and apply them to other elements in your track, side-chain elements in your mix, apply mid-side processing to your tracks, create advanced send fx chains and creative feedback loops, apply varying degrees of human randomisation to your static Midi regions and how to use Logic’s Spatial Audio to mix down your tracks for Dolby Atmos.

The new course will run once a week for four weeks for a total of 12 hours worth of course content. This is the perfect course for those who have already completed our Making Music with Logic Pro X course or students who are already comfortable and familiar with the basics of Logic Pro X.