SOS adds TMA-2


This week we kitted out the School of Synthesis classroom with the TMA-2 Modular headphones by AIAIAI. We’re using the Studio preset across all our music production workstations, and will soon add the DJ preset to our DJ consoles. Our trainers are also testing out some of the other configurations that are possible by switching speaker units, and checking out the combinations chosen by other producers. 

What drew us to the TMA-2 was not only the ability to easily switch parts, but also their overall feel on the head and ears. When you’re spending long hours making music (hopefully!) it’s important to make the listening environment as comfortable as possible, and the TMA-2 really ticks that box.

Our Production Masterclass students were the first group to put the new headphones through their paces to great effect, and we look forward to hearing further results from their time spent "in the cans".

We are also very pleased to offer SOS students a sweet discount on TMA-2s. Speak to your trainer or drop us a line for details.

For more info or to experiment with possible configurations, head here: