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SOS Best of Musikmesse 2014

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We've scoured through the best products of Musikmesse 2014 to give you our favourite list of new gear from the show. Read on!


1. Pioneer Turntable

It looks a lot like the old Technics 1210 and good on Pioneer for seizing the ooprtunity to capitalise on the never fading vinyl market!


2. Akai Rhythm Wolf

An all in one analog drum machine and bass synth for a couple of hundred dollars? Yes please.


3. Waldorf Streichfett

This brilliant little string synth from Waldorf titled 'Streichfett' which translates as fat spread will retail for around $200.


4. Arturia MiniBrute Special Edition

An update to this wonderful synth now featuring a cool step sequencer, revised filter section and all new look.


5. Manley Core

Industry leader in analogue processors release an 'affordable' compressor / limiter / EQ / Mic Pre. I want two of 'em!


6. Rob Papen Blue II

SOS sponsor Rob Papen updates the hugely popular Blue II software synth. We will soon have it available to all SOS students.


7. Allen & Heath XONE:23 DJ Mixer

A 2 channel DJ mixer with Xone filter with resonance control, VCA faders, 3 band total kill EQ and a crossfader curve selector.


What's your favourite bit of gear? Did we miss something from Musikmesse?




Steve Rochford says:

How does the Akai Rhythm Wolf compare to the Korg Volca series I wonder?

Davide Carbone says:

Good question. Sadly none of the Musikmesse demo videos on youtube give us a clear idea of how it sounds but will try and get our hands on a unit and post asap.

Analogia says:

5 of your top 7 are analogue. How times have changed - again!

mike.callander says:

put me down for a Rythm Wolf and Manley Core, please, DC. 

Co-founder and Ableton Certified Trainer at School of Synthesis. DJ and live on the weekends. 

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