Exploring Rhythmic Basslines

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This tutorial on Electronic Music Theory explores the Rhythmic Bassline in the track Okay by Shiba San. Shaun Keyt (School of Synthesis EMT Tutor) analyzes and remixes it by adding rhythmic and melodic variation.


Aaron G says:

I would rather like to know how create the bass sound. Any chance on doing a tutorial on that? 

shaun.keyt says:

Hi Aaron, Here's a summary of how I created the Bassline sound.
I layered two instances of Massive. The first instance had the preset: Baseball run into an effects chain containing Auto Filter, NI Driver, EQ Eight, Auto Filter and Ableton Reverb. The other Massive instance had the preset: Kick Me run into an effects chain of Auto Filter, Auto Filter and EQ Eight. Both layers were then bussed into the Glue Compressor, EQ Eight, NI VC 2A and NI Passive EQ.

Luke says:

Hey Shaun, I don't know if you'd be interested in sending the bass/basses ableton/massive presets would you?

Amanda says:

About the bassline, which plugin have you used?

shaun.keyt says:

Hi Amanda,
Hopefully my reply to Aaron now answers your question.

Aaron says:

thanks so much, I just found out about this comment!

Eric L says:

Hi Shaun.keyt!
I'm trying to create the bass sound inside the Maschine software, so i don't have the external plugins that you used, can you give me a tip on how to create it with the Maschine bundle plugins? And will you give a hint on the parameters you set inside the plugins?