Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
by davide > Tue, 2016-11-15 07:40



Q:Which course is right for me ?

A: This depends of your ability as a producer. 'Alive' with Ableton Live and Power of Logic are great introductions to Digital Audio Workstations if you are new to music production. Both of these courses look to familiarise the user with the features of the most popular DAWs on the market. If you are looking to gain a better understanding of production techniques such as EQ, mixing, mastering and production techniques then the Production Masterclass is well suited. The Synthesis & Sampling courses are tailored for those that wish to further their ability to create their own original sounds using synths and samplers. Advanced Ableton Live is a great course for experienced users of Ableton Live who wish to take advantage of its feature set to utilitise creative musical and production techniques. We also offer a range of courses that focus on very specific skill sets such as Maschine and SOS DJ. 


Q:What method of teaching does School of Synthesis employ ?

A: Our tutors are working professionals who teach in an informal and relaxed environment. We consider our students as valued clients and ensure we are aware of each students level of expertise so we can cater to various degrees of competence. We use a demonstration and individual exercise method to give our students maximum learning potential. Most courses are never the same twice as we customise our courses where required to suit the learning needs of each student. We always have the students' best interest at heart and are always mindful of the individual's career aspirations.


Q:What happens if I have to miss a week ?

A: We can supply class notes and other resources to help you stay on top of the learning. If a spot on one of our future courses is available we will offer the equivalent week in an up and coming course free of charge.


Q:What happens if I'm the only student to enrol in a class?

A: Lucky you! The class will proceed and you will be treated to some incredibly cheap one-on-one training.


Q:What do I need to bring ?

A: Everything is provided for at the School of Synthesis. Some students like to take notes so we encourage a pen and paper or a portable device to take notes on. The courses are content rich so there are things you may want to remember for future use. The only current exception to this is the Maschine Intensive course which requires you to bring your own Maschine.


Q:What do I take with me upon completion of the course ?

A: Apart from the knowledge! all students will receive an embossed certifcate upon completion and can take their work with them which includes all royalty free sounds and music provided by the tutors. Students will also receive a free sample pack that includes hundreds of professional sounds and loops provided by Loopmasters.


Q:I want to do more than one course, which one should I do first ?

A: Most of our students do more than one course. Please contact us so we can advise suggested learning paths. Generally we suggest one course at a time. Most Production Masterclass students do the Synthesis & Sampling courses and 'Alive' with Ableton Live students may want to progress to the Advanced Ableton Live course, for example. We also offer the Half Year Program which allows you to study almost every course that we offer, with a personalised pathway and a huge discount.


Q:Are the courses genre specific ?

A: No. Whilst our tutors have achieved recognition in mainly electronic music fields they have also worked alongside number 1 selling acoustic and rock artists. We look at techniques which are applied to all genres. We may demonstrate typical genre specific techniques but we aim to have each students music styles catered for. Our students have included dubstep, rock, trip hop, techno and alternative artists.


Q:Where is the School of Synthesis located ?

A: We are conveniently located on the first floor inside Melbourne's iconic Prahran Market. Our room is air conditioned, heated and spacious. Our lighting is suited to extended periods of monitor viewing.


Q:I have some specific questions, can I contact the tutor directly ?

A: It is in our bets interests to ensure your questions are answered. We generally find that most of our students have specific queries that relate to their career aspiration. Check our contact page and email us with any questions you may have. Your email will be forwarded to the relevant tutor who will contact you promptly.


Q:What happens once I've booked ?

A: Your position on the course will be immediately reserved. You will receive a confirmation email and on the week leading up to the commencement of the course you will be contacted by a member of staff that will provide you with all the required details such as location, class times and additional information. School of Synthesis will not cancel courses. Once a student has booked the course will go ahead even with one student.

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