How to access our forums

How to access our forums
by davide > Wed, 2016-02-03 12:25

Hi all, just wanted to put some info here for the purpose of our forums and levels of access.

Our forums are initially designed to benefit students of the the School of Synthesis. A place where all course material can be accessed and downloaded. A discussion board for questions and thoughts about our courses, and an area for students to meet, collaborate and sell and swap gear.

Our General discussion area can be accessed by anyone who has registered for our forums.

Any other discussion areas such as Courses, Collaboration, Gear for Sale can only be accessed by general users with student access.

To gain student access students of the School of Synthesis should create a login in and then contact us with their forum login name and we will apply student access so they can read and post in all the private areas. Upon enrolment to our courses students will receive an email with instructions for using and accessing our forums.

Hope that all helps. Feel free to ask any questions.


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27 Apr 2012