SOS Student releases Album as Wensday

SOS Student releases Album as Wensday
by davide > Mon, 2017-03-06 13:55

Rachel Rothfield a student of School of Synthesis shared her tracks with her Ableton Live trainer Mike Callander. Mike liked what he heard so he shared it with the other tutors. Davide Carbone loved Rachel's work and found her to be a naturally talented singer songwriter. Davide decided to produce the album which has now been released as 'Fading' by Wensday.


Fading immediately impacted the JJJ Unearthed charts debuting at #8 on the overall chart, #2 on the pop chart, #4 on the electronic and dance charts.

Davide and Rachel recorded the album at samplify studios in Melbourne which has produced several tracks for some of the worlds top artists and producers.

School off Synthesis has become a bit off a production hub for producers, singers and songwriters. So many opportunities have come from tutors and students alike. We love Rachel's album and are really proud of our involvement. Top student, top person and top artist - good luck Rachel!

The third track on the album 'Your Game' has been used in Davide's popular Production Masterclass. Students get to produce and mix the raw parts. The track is instrumentally rich and genre typical so it makes for a great track to work with. Anyone student that has completed the Production Masterclass will know this track well!

Check it out on spotify, Apple Radio, iTunes, Amazon and all top digital music retailers.

Here's some of Rachel's links:

Here's some copy from the biog:

WENSDAY is a project by Melbourne based singer-songwriter Rachel Rothfield, and producer Davide Carbone. The pair met at the end of 2014 whilst Rachel was studying at Melbourne’s School of Synthesis. A tutor at the school sent Davide a link to Rachel’s soundcloud page. After listening to Rachel’s demo Davide invited her to his studios where they decided to write and record an album together.


‘Fading’ was written over a twelve month period at Davide’s samplify studio in Melbourne The album can loosely be described as electro-pop, however it is difficult to categorize into a specific genre. The collaboration between Rachel’s young, bedroom-studio vibes and Davide’s vast professional experience produced a special result.     


Davide is an ARIA award winning producer, and has worked on projects involving artists such as Carl Cox, Kylie Minogue, Sting, Giles Peterson and Moby. Davide also ran Bristol based D&B label BS1 Records and recently released the award winning synthesiser Carbon Electra.


Rachel’s songwriting is emotive and meaningful, as she always tries to tell a story for the listener. She is heavily influenced by folk storytelling legends like James Taylor and Joni Mitchell. Her vocals are pure and raw, and produce a sense of genuine emotion and sentiment. This emotion is balanced by her ability to write lighthearted, pop-driven melodies, ensuring her music isn’t overly melancholy.


A common feature of all ten tracks is Rachel’s vocals, Davide’s production and instrumentation including a Rhodes piano and analog synths such as Moog, Arp Odyssey, Roland Jupiter and Sequential Circuits’ Prophet 6. This combination of analog instrumentation and modern percussion allows the album to feel warm and organic, while still maintaining a fun, modern, electro-pop sound.


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Be grateful for you
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