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Key Commands every Logic Pro X user should know

by | 27 Apr 2015

As an early adapter and Apple Certified Pro of Logic Pro X Davide Carbone has come up with his most important Logic Pro X key commands – or short cuts as we sometimes like to refer to them. Read on!

I’ve been using Logic Pro X since it came out as Emagic’s Notator back in the Nineties and one thing hasn’t changed – the importance of shortcuts! Not only does it increase your productivity but it also reveals hidden features not easily accessible by menus. So here are my favourite shortcuts that any Logic user should know….

R Record

* •Record/Record Toggle

⇧R •Capture as Recording

⌅ Play

. Pause

0 Stop

˽ Play or Stop

, Rewind

. Forward

⇧, Fast Rewind

⇧. Fast Forward

U Set Rounded Locators by Regions/Events

⇧˽ •Play from Selection

↩ •Go to Beginning

C Cycle Mode

⇧⌃ Fade Tool

⌘ (Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys) Zoom

⌘1  Open Main Window…

⌘2  Open Mixer

⌘4 Open Piano Roll

X Show/Hide Mixer

B Show/Hide Smart Controls

P Show/Hide Piano Roll

O Show/Hide Loop Browser

Y Show/Hide Library

I Hide/Show Inspector

⌥⌘N New Tracks…

⌥⌘A New Audio Track

⌥⌘S New Software Instrument Track

⌘D New Track with Duplicate Setting

⌘R Repeat Regions/Events…

⌘J Join Regions/Notes

⌘T Split Regions/Events at Playhead Position

⌥→ Nudge Region/Event Position Right by Nudge Value

⌥← Nudge Region/Event Position Left by Nudge Value

⌘B Bounce…

⌃⌘2  Create 2 Automation Points at Every Region Border

J Join Regions per Tracks

\ Remove Overlaps

⇧\ Force Legato

⌥[ Shuffle Regions Left within Selection

⌥] Shuffle Regions Right within Selection

⌘⌃ Velocity Tool shortcut in Piano Roll

⌘ (Up, Down arrow keys) In Piano Roll to move notes vertically

⇧⌘ (Up, Down arrow keys) In Piano Roll to move notes by octave

(key symbols)